Monday, January 11, 2016

Google Maps and Google Sheets Make Interactive Maps

Trevor Beck published a great video that shows how students can use a Google Sheet of data and import it into Google Maps to make an interactive map.  The video is pretty easy to understand and follow!

How can teachers use this?  

  • In a world history class, combine economic data with geographic tags on the map for easier comparison between locations.
  • Use the Layers to provide hideable data. Have one layer for German troop movement and another for Allied troop movement.  Spreadsheet data could provide dates of military action and casualty statistics. 
  • Historical data regarding climate change could be collected in a spreadsheet which could be imported into the map. Layers could provide points for specific decades.
  • Record biographical information for people important in Texas history.  Import the data into a Google map that shows where these people lived in Texas.
  • Similar to Google LitTrips, connect fictional events in a historical fiction story to their real geographic locations.  Edit the tags to include student-made art that illustrates the events.
What are some other ways that you could combine spreadsheets and Google Maps in your classroom? Please share in the comments below!

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