Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Formative Assessment Tool Reviews

We've been talking about Kahoot in the district for a couple of years now.  As always happens, one company's success leads others to new innovations.  This review will look briefly at three great alternatives for collecting data from students in the classroom.

First off, let's cover the similarities of all three.  All three are free websites that are designed with teachers in mind.  They all utilize gamification to engage students in giving feedback in a fun and competitive environment. The teachers can create their quizzes online, save them and reuse them as needed.  All three also have a searchable database of free quizzes you can use with your own students.   The ease of working with all three on any computer or mobile device makes all three an attractive choice. Lastly, all of them will let you collect, view online and save student answer data. 
Kahoot has been the trend setter.  The students just see the four answer icons on their screen when a teacher presents the quiz from her computer. All questions are timed and students must read the answer choices from the teacher's projected screen.   Some teachers like Kahoot because of the simplicity of quiz setup and that spontaneous quizzes can be setup very quickly. and
Unlike Kahoot, Quizizz and Quizalize both provide the question and answer choices on the student device.  Students can work at their own pace, question order randomized and the timer turned off.  A huge bonus of both is the ability to present the quiz as homework.  Students can take the quiz code home with them and complete it one or more times anytime during the quiz's assigned window.

In addition, Quizalize provides the teacher with more text space for longer questions and answers, a math equation editor, the possibility of student logins and class groups.  The teacher also has the ability to type an answer explanation for when the student chooses unwisely.

A teacher really can't go wrong with any one of the three sites. Students enjoy the interactivity and game time and teachers get data to help refine instructional time.

Leave a comment below about your favorite.  Do you have a favorite quiz you could share below with other teachers?

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