Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Getting All of Your Calendars Onto Your iOS Device?

More and more of my schools are using Google Calendars this year to manage staff events, PTA events, a meeting calendar, classroom daily agendas and more.  One strength of Google Calendars is the ability to keep a large number of non-related calendars connected to your main Google Calendar.

Often, this strength also becomes a problem.  Teachers that have a Google Calendar on the computer don't always see all of their calendars when they use a Calendar app on their iPhone or iPad.  There is a simple fix for this, but you have to comb through the internet to find it.  Luck you, I'm giving you the site right now!

Gigaom.com published a nice description of this process at  http://gigaom.com/apple/ipad-quick-tip-enabling-multiple-google-calendars/ . The secret ingredient is half way down the page in the paragraph about adding multiple calendars.  After you login to your gmail account, go to  www.google.com/calendar/iphoneselect   and simply click on the calendars that you wish to show up on your mobile Google Calendar app.

Coming soon: How would you like to also see your Lotus Notes Calendar on your Google Calendar? Notes Traveler will soon be available to teachers in the district.  Stay tuned.