Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video Training and Tips for the Manda Pro All-in-One Desktop

With a number of schools just getting more all-in-one Manda desktop PCs, I thought it'd be good to re-share some support links. Most of these can be found on the AISD Cloud under the Hardware Training category.

"I don't get the big screen with all the circles. Could you explain it to me?"

"How do I add applications to the touch screen menu?"

"Can I group the apps in the EXOPC interface in folders?"

"My computer is plugged into the network. Should I turn off the wireless connection?"
Yes, you really must do that. http://austinschools.org/it/tutorial/exo_disable_wireless.swf

"I want my Manda Pro to startup to a regular Windows desktop and not the XOPC interface."

"I like the XOPC interface (the cute circle icons), but I don't want my slimy student hands touching the glass. Can I turn off the touch action on this computer?"

"I wish I could make my own cute circle icons for website shortcuts.  Is that possible?"
http://www.screencast.com/t/mtg4tFc6  (This is a more advanced tweak that any teacher can do, but it is a longer video with fairly specific steps.)

"I'm so proud of myself. I made some pretty EXOPC circular shortcuts!  How can I get them to another Manda Pro's XOPC's interface?"

"My students keep trashing my pretty arrangement and XOPC app selections. How can I quickly reset those on the computer?"
http://www.screencast.com/t/ENhx4j9Q5f7M  (Yes, it is the same video as the previous question. But it's also a nice way to back up your hard work so you only have to do it one time.)

"Can I setup my own printer?"

"I want to have all my kids view the Manda's screen.  Can I plug into a projector?"
Not without a USB video adapter. There are many varieties, but the large screen of the Manda Pro makes some adapters not very functional.  AISD Technology suggests an adapter that has the same specs as this one:


  1. Link for setting up a printer says website cannot be found.

  2. Thanks for the head's up! Funny what a blank space will do to a URL. The link works now.

  3. How do I display what is on the Manda 2150 desktop to the tv monitor through a VGA cable? How do I need to set up the desktop to do this?

  4. Tammi, You need to use an adapter like the one mentioned in the last paragraph. It plugs into the USB on the Manda and the projector plugs into the VGA port on the adapter. Do not use the VGA on the Manda as it is only a VGA IN port. Last price I saw (April 2012) for the adapter was about $60.