Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Google will remove "old" Google Drive interface during the week of June 29th

Google will be eliminating the "old" Drive user interface and officially dropping support for older browsers next week. This means the version of Internet Explorer installed on the district image will no longer work with Google Drive. The district installs this older version for compatibility with some older systems still in use. Instructional Technology highly recommends using Google Chrome for Google Drive. For users with a strong preference for Safari or Firefox, verify the most recent version is installed.

From Google Apps Update:
"(T)he new Google Drive UI will be fully launching to Apps customers on the Rapid release track next week. The ability to revert to the old Drive UI will be removed with this launch.

The full launch to Scheduled release customers will follow on July 7.

Please note that the new Drive UI does not work with older unsupported browsers prior to and including Chrome 23, Firefox 23, IE9 and Safari 6, so it’s important to upgrade to a supported browser to ensure continued access to Drive."

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