Monday, May 18, 2015

Looking for music for that video project or presentation? Try Jamendo

Creating video product is a great learning experience for students and teachers alike. The process of digital storytelling is a robust topic in and of itself; one I hope to address in a future post.

Now for the topic at hand - Finding music that is properly licensed for classroom video projects. Like many classroom teachers, my personal video projects have a pretty tight licensing budget (usually around $0.00, give or take a nickel). Over the years I have tried several things to address music in my videos most of which cost me money or time in one way or another.

I recently found Jamendo through a Creative Commons search.

"Jamendo is the largest platform for free music in the world. It allows independent artists to showcase their creations and to find new fans looking for new music. The Jamendo catalog is published under Creative Commons licenses that allow artists to publish their music and to preserve their rights, while providing users the freedom to download and share it."

The Jamendo Search allows the user to search by musical genre, instrument focus and mood. Results can be filtered further by country of origin, language and Creative Commons License type.
Each of the three examples below are licensed for non-commercial use as long as you give the artist credit. The third example has the added stipulation that you "Don't alter, transform or build upon this album".

Need some "Happy Electronic" music? Try:

 Maybe your student has a science fiction story to tell. Maybe this will do:

 Maybe the story calls for a "pop jazz rock" tune? Hmm, maybe Diablo Swing Orchestra?

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