Friday, May 15, 2015

"Breaking News" from

Every once in a while something free and dead simple to use really catches my attention.
Breaking News is a very simple FREE tool that allows you to create breaking news screens like you might see on a news network.
This can be a great way introduce a presentation or spice up the graphics for a student newscast. Teachers will definitely come up with creative ways to use it (post your ideas in the comment section). 
The end result can be downloaded, tweeted or linked via an address.

After trying the site in various browsers, I had varying results.
All tests were on a Windows 7 machine.
I will test on Win 8 and OS 10.x when I get a chance.

  • Firefox worked best on the site.
  • Chrome worked but became slow when I uploaded an image.
  • Safari on Windows did not upload an image.
  • Same result for Internet Explorer 9. 
  • I will try IE 11 when I am on a Win 8.1 machine.
  • Works great on a Chromebook.

The site uses java so you may need to tweak your java settings.

The Interface is brilliantly simple:

The resulting image:

This tool is easy, useful and fun.

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