Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Public Domain Pictures

Student digital products often contain some form of image.  Many teachers are still using the, "If it is on Google Images, you can use it" method of providing images.  This would be a great time for teaching good digital citizenship!

There are many places you can find free and legal images from the public domain.  With barely any extra effort, students can use these resources to find high quality photography and make the strong effort to follow the rules about using found images online.  Public domain photos can be found in a number of places, but I saw this video today that shared a few great ones as well as how to use them.

Give this a good look and share with your teachers who are doing digital products!

Video: Richard Byrne - School Library Journal
What photo sources have you used in class?  Are there tips you would share with a new teacher about how you managed that part of your lesson; free classroom-ID'ed accounts, teacher-collected photo banks, citing the photos used?

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