Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Module Six - GT Training

Well, it's come down to this last afternoon.  To refocus on the goal, we are already adept at differentiating our instructional time with our students' various learning levels, but in these last weeks we have been focusing on how technology can aid us in differentiating our instruction with the GT population.  Sure, we can use these same tools in other areas of our classroom, but we started by looking at why and what we differentiate.

Why do we differentiate?  We discussed many weeks ago that we work to provide for various levels of readiness, interest, and learning styles.

What do we differentiate? We can provide different content, processes, and product opportunities for the students.

We have looked at using a variety of technology, specifically netbooks, digital cameras, and document cameras.  We looked at webquests and research tools, online tools like Prezi and Wordle for presenting student products, the ability to leverage social sites like Edmodo in the classroom and more.

This last part delves into one of a student's favorite school memories:  the class field trip.  It's much more than watching a video or list of bookmarks.  The Virtual Learning Environment is a rich opportunity to use technology with our students in a mostly self-directed space.  There are a good number of these experiences already online, mostly for older students, leaving teachers time to practice using it before assigning to students.

Today's Resources: *,

Peruse these resources and find at least one field trip that you could use with your students.  Make a plan for: What materials you would need to accomplish this? What kind of timing you will need? What should the student produce by the end?

(This just in, Discovery Field Trip:   !)

*AISD provided a link to Christopher F. Mulrine's article, "Creating a Virtual Learning Environment for Gifted and Talented Learners". 

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