Monday, September 19, 2011

Print Webpages With Ease!

This short tip is specifically for that occasion where you find yourself wanting to print some information off a webpage, without wanting to print pages of embedded advertisements and meaningless content.  For example, you really like this post and you want to print it.  However, the rest of the website continues scrolling down the window to include weeks of posts. works two different ways. You can past the URL (website address) into the big text box on their webpage, or install their bookmarklet. Click the link to 'add a bookmarklet' and them simply drag it to your bookmarks or the bookmark menu bar.  Now whenever you want to print a part of the page you are viewing, just click the bookmarklet and start editing.

The trick is that a menu will show up on the left margin that allows you to remove parts of the live page that you do want to print. As you remove graphics, sections of text, etc,  you end up minimizing what is seen in the browser window. When it is the way you want it, just click 'print'.

In our efforts to become more green in the classroom, many teachers are finding alternative to printing or at least teaching students how to reduce the amount of prints they make. Using PrintWhatYouLike, students can no selectively print small sections, saving lots of paper. Give it a shot!

What tricks do you use to reduce the amount of printer waste?

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